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2003, the Swiss driver Thomas · Frich Colette (Thomas Frischknecht) won the mountain bike marathon world championships, was known by the public is not only a world championship gold medal, and the Scott 130mm stroke full suspension Genius. For decades, the car has undergone numerous updates. Now, we've finally seen the 2018 Scott Genius.

Scott Genius model features:

Genius continues some of the features of the new Spark, using the TwinLoc design as well as a more modern frame geometry. In addition, the lightweight has always been the focus of attention Scott, Genius 900 Tuned weight of only 12.4Kg. We all know that lighter weights also signal higher prices. In the second half of this year, we will get the exact price of the Scott Genius model.

the lightest amount of AM frames?

Scott has been pursuing lightweight frames, but that does not mean sacrificing the frame strength. After investing a lot of research and development resources, Scott finally got the lightweight Genius frame. A variety of different carbon fiber preparation program, the other five parts have been specially strengthened, and now the weight of the Genius frame is only about 2180g.
frame design:

and the design of the old paragraph is completely different, today's Genius uses a four link design, shock absorber installation from the previous horizontal to vertical type. The new four link design does not seem to change much (compared to the other four link design), but in fact, the popular four link design gives the designer enormous room for adjustment. Before the new suspension design and the old models are completely different, previously pressure shock absorber end pressure surge in violent, although not appear bottoming phenomenon, but at the end of the trip did not play a real role, but now this design can avoid such problems.

two years ago, Scott was the first to launch the Plus model. Today, the new Genius in collocation 29" wheel group can be used when using 27.5" in 2.5-2.6" tire; wheel can be used when 2.6-3.0" tyre. In addition, a simple linkage adjustment design allows steeper angles even in the small diameter (27.5") mode.

The geometry of
's new Genius frame has changed dramatically, and that's not much of it now

Supreme third weeks of sale of a single product, the most eye-catching is that joint motorcycle leather jacket, as well as cooperation with Champion hidden money, let's see the upper body effect.

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